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According to RS, the women are really young I Can’t Mask My Excitement of being your 1st grade Teacher shirt. Thus, it was probably cast for Colton all along. The only bachelor I can remember to date that was near Colton’s age was Ben who was very mature for his age. So, this could be interesting. Yet, the women are getting younger and younger every year it seems. Having 23-year-old women on a season with a bachelor in his mid-30s has never made sense to me. People who have just graduated from college are in a completely different stage of their lives. All in all, if the girls are much younger this year, Colton is the best choice. Haha, I don’t hate Colton he’s just like, vanilla and bland. I think Wills has so much personality but is laid back enough not to let everything go to his head. Also after the bit, I do NOT think Colton is ready for any sort of relationship he needs to find himself aside from being this idealistic jock// innocent baby boy persona he’s got going on. The aspiring designers are often confident about embarking on any business related to the clothing industry. So if they were introduced into the t-shirt printing industry, they thought they would be able to handle everything smoothly.