When you need to change up your look Keanu Reeves You’re Breathtaking shirt. And give your style a refresh, turning to the past can help. Taking inspiration from a specific decade or time and incorporating it into your modern look can give it a unique and exciting appearance. In particular, channeling a ’70s style can provide you with an awesome retro aesthetic that’s completely on-trend right now. Thankfully, nailing the look is easier than ever with our guide to 70s fashion for men. Hoodie, long-sleeved shirt, female tee, men’s shirt, 3-hole shirt, V-neck shirt. In the 1970s, fashion was all about individuality and expression. As such, many traditional fashion rules were broken and unique and androgynous looks reigned supreme. Key styles for the decade included hippie, peacock revolution, glam rock, and disco looks. Thanks to an influx of cheap clothing in the market, gents could easily showcase which group they belonged to or switch between them all. In the ’70s, people often wore bold and daring outfits.

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 While there were a variety of different looks for the decade, most of them incorporated eye-catching colors and patterns, a silhouette that was tight up top and loose down the bottom, and interesting textures, such as satin, suede, and corduroy Keanu Reeves You’re Breathtaking shirt. Essential items for the decade included bell-bottom and wide-leg pants, platform shoes, vests, long collared shirts, tight tees, turtleneck sweaters, and leisure suits amongst many others. Thank you for your interest in Trendteeshirts. During the beginning of the 1970s, there were several main fashion groups for men. However, many overlapped in style. For example, while gents could either be part of the hippie subculture or peacock revolution, it was likely that they’d wear bright colors and bell-bottoms no matter which category they were in. Thanks to the well-paying jobs and booming businesses, the seventies saw young men starting to dress in more unusual ways. These unique outfits often consist of bright colors and so the style was dubbed the peacock revolution. Along with the bold use of colors, the peacock’s appearance often includes satin shirts, hoodie shirts, long-sleeved shirts, women’s T-shirts, men’s shirts, 3-hole shirts, V-necks. The suit also has bright colors and unusual style. In particular, the design of double-breasted velvet and crushed velvet is common.