Having said that Nurse Christmas Tree Merry Xmas Gift TShirt. Mymaptee is a preemie when it comes to design, and they know it. So if you have ideas or want a custom design, they encourage you to shoot them an email with your suggestion and they’ll design it (for free) and add your request to their collection. Pretty cool, right? They’re hoping to expand the design to and bags, or pants in the near future.designs are printed on American Apparel (unisex) tees and tanks, so you know it’s good quality (stylish, slim fit, soft, breathable, durable, machine washable, comfortable — did i mention comfortable?). Mymaptee is having a PanAm Games Sale on all merch now, with free shipping on orders of 3 or more. Plus, if you use the discount code PanAm2015 you’ll get an additional $5 off (limited time offer).Their goal is to distance themselves from commercial clothing and to give people an alternative that helps them express their true natures while still feeling comfortable. They invest their passion and energy into making designs, printing, and delivering them.

Nurse Christmas Tree Merry Xmas Gift TShirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Nurse Christmas Tree Merry Xmas Gift TShirt Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Nurse Christmas Tree Merry Xmas Gift TShirt Hoodie
Nurse Christmas Tree Merry Xmas Gift TShirt LongSleeve
Nurse Christmas Tree Merry Xmas Gift TShirt Sweatshirt
Nurse Christmas Tree Merry Xmas Gift TShirt Unisex

Their web designer, Ness makes all the designs, which are hand drawn, then carefully printed on silk screens to create high-quality garments Nurse Christmas Tree Merry Xmas Gift TShirt.SOL designs contain potent symbols that inspire mind and soul, take influence from geometric figures, nature, symbols of daily life, mystical and spiritual experiences that have nurtured awareness and consciousness; these images evoke a message of a peaceful mind and a creative spirit, a message that unites us regardless of religion or culture.Toronto, ON — Mymaptee announces a new line of simple patriotic tees. They’re fresh and subtle, and not loud or boastful. The idea started when lead designer Hannah Shamji was looking for a map to represent her home country, but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t overly (or rather, obnoxiously) patriotic. All the tees were once-a-year type of, to wear on a national birthday or Independence Day. Hannah wanted a tee with more utility than that, and something a little less…loud. So she decided to make her own.

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  1. VranakSora (verified owner)

    On the ball, from every angle…

  2. PattersonAndrea (verified owner)

    For any concern regarding your order, please be sure to contact us via [email protected]. We’ll do our best to help.

  3. Aadarsh (verified owner)

    Good service quality tee shirt would recommend this cpmpany

  4. JohnMike (verified owner)

    The T-shirt was really poor quality for the price of £21, and also was just too small. They refused to refund because this is supposed to be a ‘tailored-made’ t-shirt, what a joke!

  5. Roger (verified owner)

    Great looking T-shirt I would order the…

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