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It’s a testament to what makes life worth living This dachshund can drive a stick sunset halloween shirt. The same things are true for a bucket full of ice and beer. It stands there, inviting and delicious, ready to take you to a happier place and time. Who needs anything more than this? When you pop that bottle and taste that ice-cold brew, you know this is as good as it gets. That’s why your bucket is short, and easily filled just like that beer bucket. Lucky you. Wear this tee or hoodie and celebrate life. You have a story for every roll on that belly, and each one tells something about your life. It might be a moment you cried, a moment you laughed yourself silly, or a time you had some amazing insight into life. It doesn’t matter what it was, or even if you remember it. It’s all part of that great big tapestry of your life that you call your stomach. So don’t let anyone call it a beer belly, because it took a lot more than beer to build this thing. This tee and hoodie come in sizes to fit all tummies.